hooked on a feeling

Hooked on a Feeling #2

Would you be able to use a hard bag of brown sugar as a self-defense weapon?

When Breezy finds a mysterious riddle that was stuck in a hidden compartment beneath her beloved round table, she enlists creative help to figure out what it means, not knowing where it will lead.  Impeding her path, new ghosts pop in to visit, warn, and threaten her.

Meanwhile, her brother’s hot detective partner ends up temporarily staying in her basement and needs Breezy’s help with a troubled ghost.   Breezy also meets a gangster ghost who left something hidden on her property, and he won’t stop until he gets it back.  In the meantime, she has a mole in her immediate ghost community and has to figure out who it is and how to deal with them.

However, while dealing with new ghost visitors, she gets some new living visitors as well—her mother, Bridget, and her sister, Sadie, from Boston, along with Sadie’s four kids.  So, she has to play detective and ghost whisperer while preventing potential familial witnesses from seeing or hearing her.

Can she figure out the riddle, dodge guest ghosts, dire warnings, attempted kidnappings, and visiting family members, while employing large bags of baking ingredients to keep everybody safe?  If she doesn’t, neither she, nor her household, will have any peace.

Hooked on a Feeling is available for pre-order now and will go live on July 1, just in time to read during the holiday weekend!


Becky Klauer

Becky Klauer is the author of adult spiritual suspense novels including the Veronica Pearl Series: Manifestation (#1), Revelation (#2), Reflection (#3), and Activation (#4). Her Miller/Stone suspense series starts with No Stone Unturned; and her cozy mystery series called The Happy Hookers Crochet Club, begins with First Time’s a Yarn. She has written and edited for print and online media, other authors, and a Tedx speaker.

Her novels, whether serious or not so serious, involve good guys and bad guys because she is married to a hot police guy and likes it when the good guys win. Since real life doesn’t always work out that way, writing the endings in her books the way she wants to means they always will.

Her two young adult children have both left the nest, but the neighborhood menagerie has not. She has broken her wrist while motorcycling, her knee while snowboarding, and her finger while closing the door. She tries to instill that same sense of adventure in her lead characters. When she isn’t writing, working out, or reading a paperback or ebook, she keeps busy trying out new crochet patterns for the many colors of yarn that live next to the couch.



Manifestation #1

*Featured at the 2023 London Book Fair, April 18-20 at Olympia London!*

Life is crazy. It’s crazier when you’re Veronica Pearl. By day, a Special Investigative Consultant for the Southwest Region, a contractor with the government and various law enforcement agencies, she tackles dangerous situations to get the bad guys. By night, a dream warrior who battles scary, stinky, evil demons on behalf of others. Sometimes the demons represent real people…


Reflection #2

The threat of a terrorist attack. Confusing dreams. Pesky demons. Multiple puzzles. An alleged Halloween deadline. What do all of these things have in common? Veronica Pearl. As Agent Pearl, she is the Special Investigative Consultant for the Southwest Region, specializing in fighting terrorism and counter-terrorism by day. As Veronica, she is plagued by fighting demon count…


Revelation #3

Things seem to keep happening that have never happened before. As a Special Investigative Consultant for the Southwest Region by day, Agent Veronica Pearl uses her position as a contractor with the government and various law enforcement agencies (currently situated in the San Antonio Police Department’s main headquarters building) to fight terrorists and prevent attacks in …


Activation #4

When happy, healthy, and well-adjusted people (so says the families) start dying for seemingly no reason, Veronica Pearl, Special Investigative Consultant in charge of the Southwest Region, has to wonder why.

As a government contract law enforcement officer, she is familiar with mysteries. She is used to fighting bad guys during 

no stone unturned

No Stone Unturned

Agent Xara Miller’s testimony is paramount to putting away a corrupt local government official and her family, but as she prepares for her time in court, she mistakenly believes testifying will be the toughest part of the case. The FBI and local San Antonio Police Department have worked together for the last year on the case, and as her date to testify gets pushed back,…

First Times a Yarn A Happy Hookers Club Mystery 1 (Happy Hookers Club Crochet Mysteries)

First Time's a Yarn: A Happy Hookers Club Mystery #1 (Happy Hookers Club Crochet Mysteries)

Breezy Marston is almost 30 and doing her best to re-rail her derailed life plan. After they find Juniper’s ex-boyfriend and his older brother dead, Russian bad guys start chasing them, Breezy finds out she is some kind of “sleeper agent” for a government experiment, and, oh, she can talk with ghosts…